Learn how print with sunlight using several artisan techniques. 

Customized Workshops for kids and adults about printing and dyeing ecologically on paper and textiles:

* Sunprinting

* Cyanotype

* Pinhole 

* eco-printing 

* Solar dyeing

* Anthotype

* Chlorophyll prints

Enhance your event with Light Factory's "Ecological Sun Printing" workshop. Our team comes to you and guides the participants so that they can print their own textiles themselves.

Whether corporate events, markets, concerts or festivals: Just contact us and we will develop a concept together.

For our workshops, we bring everything that is needed for printing, including paper and textiles. 


All textiles are sourced exclusively from manufacturers who can demonstrate an ecological production method.

We need a covered working  space and access to exterior area (garden, balcony, etc) Working table for every participant. 

The workshop will also require access to water to wash out the sieves.