Meet The Photographer

 Hallo and welcome to my project !  :)       


As a photographer, I am seeking for ways to develop my techniques, explore my creativity and finally expose my art work in new forms. I started to explore new printing techniques for my photos, developing my own sun printing process further using sun sensitive dye. Later on, I applied this technique on textiles and clothes and created new wearable photos and unique art work. 


My aim is to create unique pieces of art on clothes and accessories and make my photos accessable to everybody in different styles.


On my website you will find true handmade clothes and lovely accessories, printed with a unique sunsensitive dying technique.  All articles are handmade und unique. The designs were inspired by photos that I have taken in different cities around the world .

Some notes about myself:

I am a portuguese photographer living in Lisbon, after passing through Frankfurt, Prague and Berlin. After working for a long time in marketing and PR area, I decided to develop my own project and started a photo business, providing corporate photo services and training on photo techniques.