Our resources on earth are limited. Therefore we need to choose them wisely and use them with care.


As a producer, we are responsible for the choises we make on our materials, ensuring that our production processes respect human rights and the environment. 

We believe in Shopping Less But Better. Therefore we are commited to produce quality garments and accessories which last for many years in order to reduce the environmental impact of textile waste. 

We source only natural and sustainable material, most of them produced in Portugal, keeping transparency in our supply channel.  Many products are made of upcycled and leftover materials focusing on sustainability, comfort, and functional design.

We are commited to produce Products that are eco-friendly. We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment, by using health saving dye products and by reducing the energy consumption during our production process, using only sun sensitive and biodegradable dyes.

We aim to improve constantly our production processes through better practices, healthier methods and materials.


We produce small series and made-to-order products, in order to avoide stocks and excess production.


All our products are designed by Light Factory and handmade, close to Lisbon, Portugal.