Lamp Shade Tricot

Lamp Shade Tricot


Exquisite handmade and handprinted lamp shade with an image of traditional portuguese tiles.

Lamp shade material: 100% Cotton, woven and dyed in Portugal
Color: light beige

Shape: Round
Diameter available: 20, 30, 40cm
Height: around 23cm.

All products are made by hand with care and are unique due to the nature of the printing technique. The photo was transferred to the fabric with a special dye that allows you to print photos on fabric through sunlight. 

The photos are exclusive images which belong to the author of the website.

Details and Maintenance: 
Although all fabrics are machine washable, hand-wash/cold wash will avoid color blur and transfer. DO NOT use phosphorus detergent. Air dry only. DO NOT dry clean. Colors might slightly change over time. 


All orders are custom made. Please expect 2 -3 weeks delivery time.